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Those who guard their Furuwj (tear[weakness]/private parts) – (Quran Ma’aarij 70:29)

  • Abu Ezra

Allah tells us one of the descriptions of the people who are successful and will enter Paradise;
وَالَّذِينَ هُمْ لِفُرُوجِهِمْ حَافِظُونَ

(They are) those who guard their Furuwj (private parts)

(Quran Ma’aarij 70:29)

(plural: Furuwj) = a Tear.
a – a Tear in a Fortress wall = Farj.
b – the Private parts of the human = Farj.

I.e. Because Farj means ‘tear’, a Poet of Arabic may refer to it as a weakness of the enemies ‘fortress’ (a tear in the enemies fortresses walls), and also at the weakness  of an enemies Private parts.Because a fort protects you, but if it has a tear in it, you are weak and open to attack, similarly if someones private parts are exposed – they are also weak and exposed to desire or harm.
This is one of the literary tools God uses in the Quran to describe the good believers who are successful;
Those who guard their Furuwj (tear[weakness]/private parts) – (Quran Ma’aarij 70:29)
As if He is telling us; your Furuwj are a ‘tear’ (physically), but also as a weakness in your bodily fortress. So don’t let your spiritual enemy (someone who isn’t your legitimate husband or wife, but they are trying to seduce you) – do not let them target your weakness of sexual desire. Otherwise you may lose your fortress and your religion in the process.

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